Monday, October 20, 2008


Question 1: Can too much exercise be bad?

-How does exercise help your body?
-Which exercises could be bad for you?
-What if exercise was always bad?
-Should exercise be bad?
-Why is exercise good for you?

Question 2: How does football improve your mood & self-esteem?

-Which sports improve your mood?
-How does exercising keep you happy?
-What does football do to your brain (physically, mentally, and emotionally)?
-Should football improve your mood & self-esteem?
-Why does football improve your mood & self-esteem?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Zombie Attack?

This Zombie attack is invalid because there are many different things posted apart of that that are very fake. The Zombie Survival Guide is fake because it does not post any real evidence of zombies.

But, I do think that the virus called Solanum is real because it has been proven that it was inside the person's brain. But the zombies did not actually appear or hurt other people.


This movie does not seem valid because there has not even been a Scorcher 1. Now they are trying to pass of a Scorcher 6. I also looked it up on Google, Wikipedia, and a lot of other sources, and none came up. Rotten Tomato also had nothing on it about Scorcher 6.

Tree Octopi

This site is obviously fake because no one has ever heard of a tree octopus. Also, does Sasquatch exist? NO. It has been scientifically proven that Sasquatch is a fictional character only in stories.

Why are Sasquatch allowed to gather Tree Octopuses if the octopuses are endangered?

No one allows a Sasquatch to do anything; they just do it.

Sasquatch have been gathering Tree Octopuses since before Humans settled in their habitats. They form a symbiotic relationship. We value our limbs and don't question this.


I also Googled: Octopus paxarbolis. Which is the "scientific" word given to the octopi. I looked it up in Wikipedia and fund that it was a fictitious creature from an internet hoax made by Lyle Zapato in 1998.